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Why compare CH to KK.
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Why compare CH to KK.

When we could compare him to the likes of Ardiles, Charlton, Gullit, Roeder, Allardyce & Sourness??

Is it because people are being picky and only see KK as the real bench mark now for every manager??

Fail to get us to 2nd in the Premier League & you are a miserable failure.

CH may not be the answer, but given the dignity he has led this campaign, then by god, he deserves a chance in the Premier League. Investment must be forthcoming (£45m as it was with KK) for us to have any chance to move forward. This wont be down to CH.

People to easily forget that KK won us nothing, exciting football- yes, trophys - no. I love KK to bits (and hate the fact the way Ashley treated him) but CH at the minute, is in with a chance of winning the First Division/Championship trophy. This must put them on an equal par as managers.

We need stability now, just for a couple of years to get back on track and challange for what must surely be a European place or a cup challange.

That really isnt to delusional.
12th April 2010 08:29 AM
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Why compare CH to KK.

Good post NE, can't argue with any of that.

Every manager we will have from now on will be a failure in most people's eyes, simply because they aren't KK.
12th April 2010 08:36 AM
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Why compare CH to KK.

If you read Lip's opening to that other thread, it was a comparison of stats ending with a well done Hughton, the title itself was maybe like shaking a red flag towards the KK supporters to compare the two of them, and off it went..........

I think the majority of us are behind Chris for the moment.
12th April 2010 08:49 AM
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