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who was it who said that sparky was a good manager??
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who was it who said that sparky was a good manager??

omenator Wrote:funnily enough lip was talking to mates down the pub about the same thing, reckon if hughton gets promoted he should be moved back into the coaching side of things, just so he doesn't go the way of roeder

like him as a person and would hate to see him thanked for the work this season to be sacked a few games into the next season

yes, I would totally go along with that om. It would be a great shame to see Hughton sacked by Fatso II. Chris is an intelligent bloke and he must not allow his success this season to cloud his judgement. Far better he holds his hand up and takes a back seat as coach like you say.

If we are to progress next season rather than be sucked down we need a quality manager, as much as to attract decent players as anything else.

But knowing how football and Ashley work, Hughton will be kept on. So good luck to him, but I fully expect him to be sacked by Xmas 2010.
20th December 2009 04:25 PM
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