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Scum's toilets yesterday
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Scum's toilets yesterday

This is one of them throwing coins. One of the lads on NO posted this.

Saw quite a bizarre incident in the toilets at the match during the 2nd half. Due to a ticketing cock up 4 of us ended up with tickets in the home end in the West Stand but next to the Newcastle fans. Went down for a piss around the 60 minute mark and another bloke came in and starting bragging to the only other lad in the bogs about how he was slying chucking sharped 2p coins into the Newcastle end every so often. Anyway the other bloke finishes his piss and proceeds to smack the bloke who was chucking the coins square in the face and he fell straight to the ground whilst still pissing which was pretty messy. The lad who hit him them turned to me and called me a smoggy tw@t and then offered to fight me before I explained in my finest Wallsend accent that I was also a Newcastle fan and we walked out leaving the smoggy lying on the floor with blood all over his face and covered in piss. Felt sorry for him at first but then thought he could easily put someones eye out with that sort of cowardly behavoiur so it probably served him right. Didn't celebrate our goals even though I said I would but didn't stand up when they scored either and I think quite a few people realised we were Geordies but didn't bother us.
14th March 2010 12:37 PM
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