It's almost Christmas - so obviously...

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It's almost Christmas - so obviously...
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It's almost Christmas - so obviously...

..working hard here in the office and decided to tidy my desk, now tidying my PC files.

Found this document I had put up here last season.

Ho'way Mike you have squandered thousands paying them jokers Seymour Pierce to sell the club - I'll do it for free, just set up the meetings and I'll get this deal closed off in under a week for you.

Dear potential investor,

You obviously enjoy English Premiership football and I am sure you will be contemplating which club to invest your money into, to get the maximum enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure from.

If you would for a moment consider Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) – one I am sure with the mass media coverage you will be aware of.

I would venture to say though, without meaning any offence, one you will not be totally knowledgeable of.

Newcastle United is a unique Premiership football club, with a proud history and a special connection to it’s supporters.

This is due to the importance the football club has to it’s City, people and local area.

Newcastle United is the only football club in the City, unlike other major football clubs in England, that all have to compete for support, with other clubs.

Newcastle United is the heartbeat of the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne and this City is at the heart of a area spanning Tyneside and the wider region of the North East of England.

“Toon” fans as they are affectionately known by the media, are a rare breed in that following Newcastle United Football Club is actually a lifestyle choice, made at an early age – some say it is a birth right.

The whole City lives and breathes Newcastle United, if the club are doing well you can feel the buzz of excitement, just stepping into the City centre, if they are doing badly (as we currently are) there is a feeling of despair, disillusionment and frustration.

I would go as far to say that the GDP output of the City declines because of it.

Toon fans are constantly thirsting for news about their football club, checking the media reports, web-sites, radio stations, etc on a daily basis.

We don’t expect instant success, however what we do desire is football played as it should be, as an entertainment sport, with flair and a cavalier attitude to attacking football, with great technique and skill.

You may recall in the 1995-96 season Newcastle United almost won the title, finishing just 4 points behind the eventual winners, but playing such attractive football that the media labelled NUFC the “Entertainers”.

Something you may not be aware of is that Newcastle United have not won a domestic trophy since their 3 FA Cup wins in the 1950’s, the last one being 1955 a glorious period in our history, with our most famous son affectionately named by supporters “Wor (our) Jackie” – Jackie Milburn leading the club to this success.

The club since then has been very poorly managed and ran, with owners being more concerned about filling their own pockets, than investing in the club they were privileged to be in charge of.

This led to decades of letdowns and false dawns for the supporters of Newcastle United Football Club, with only a Fairs Cup win in 1969 (the forerunner to the UEFA Cup) and 1 FA Cup & 1 league cup final appearance in the 1970’s, both ending in disappointment and defeat.

The decline continued and in 1992 the club were almost relegated to the 3rd tier of English football (something we are thankfully proud of never having to play in).

The club was the subject of a takeover in the early 1990’s and this brought about a change in fortunes, with the appointment of former player Kevin Keegan as manager.

Keegan’s team took the club to heights the supporters knew we should be capable of, but never dreamed possible.

The SOLD OUT signs were regularly seen during this period, as Keegan helped the club get back to where the supporters believe it rightfully belonged, challenging for honours again.

A rollercoaster ride has ensued since, with various highs and lows, however the club is now in danger of losing all hope of achieving the dreams and aspirations of the supporters and falling back into decline.

A glimpse of how much NUFC fans desire success for their club can be shown in two signings we made over the last 15 years – one being Alan Shearer and one being Michael Owen – both at their respective times England’s best striker – both receiving adoration from thousands of supporters turning up at St. James’ Park to greet them as they signed – where else do things like this happen, especially in England?

A proud people are hurting at the moment, the false promises and constant let downs from the current and previous owners, has led to disillusionment, despair and apathy towards the club.

Supporters are staying away from the club, which actually pains them to do, but it pains them more to attend at the moment.

It wouldn't take much to resolve and put this club back on track, a clear direction and strategy, a management team that believe in it and an owner with the resources to support it.

You would have an entire region behind you and enthusiastically backing you.
NUFC despite all the years of mismanagement and false dawns is still one of the best supported clubs in England, with huge followings travelling away from home to support their heroes.

Indeed you may not know this, but NUFC was the first club in the world to average 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 a week crowds.

NUFC is also the only club in the world to average 50,000+ attendances in their Country’s top two divisions.

NUFC is the only club since the Premiership era began to not have a home league attendance under 30,000 (I imagine that fact surprises you, but it is true)

NUFC is still, despite the decades of mismanagement, you may be surprised to know the 8th most successful football club in England – we were the 7th until Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea.

NUFC are also one of only a handful of English clubs to have played more than 100 competitive European matches, with two Champions League campaigns aswell.

NUFC is still potentially one of the top 2 biggest clubs in this country - if handled and managed correctly.

To purchase NUFC at the moment, with the weakening pound and the fact that we are at our lowest ebb since promotion in 1993 is a seriously attractive proposition for a would be investor;

NUFC has very little debt

NUFC has a fantastic stadium – one of the best in Europe, which will stage Olympic Games football matches, gaining worldwide exposure

NUFC has one of the largest fanbases in the country

NUFC when the team is performing well sells an unbelievable amount of merchandise

NUFC has a fantastic modern training centre and academy, already built

If you take on board that NUFC is currently being mismanaged, alienating it’s loyal supporter base, yet still averaging the 3rd highest attendance figures in England, then imagine if you will for a moment, a successful NUFC.

NUFC would be a monster - look at the support we have had over the last 15 years - the last 5 of which have been utterly disgraceful in terms of the football we have had to witness- yet we take thousands away from home - 5-6,000 travelled to Blackburn for our last Premiership away game.

Chelsea have never taken that many there, nowhere near - they can't even sell out Stamford Bridge at the minute and that despite them challenging for the title.

The point I am trying to make here is NUFC is the only potentially huge club that is seriously undervalued and seriously untapped in terms of potential.

We crave success and attractive football at this club and believe me when I say the club would be a monster if ever allowed to fulfill it’s potential.

The foundations are there and with the right leadership and necessary funds this club can achieve the ambitions of it’s supporters.

Any owner who has a clear strategy, with a top manager who agrees with that strategy could become a legend, someone who would have the heart of a Geordie nation – not some faceless corporate animal, but a one city one club, one region, one people full of pride, passion and loyalty.

The inevitable Chinese, Indian, American glory fans would still be there to make revenue from if desired, but the heart beat of a city and area would be there for all to see.

Buying a club that already is successful would be easy and obvious, but imagine the satisfaction in awakening one of English Football’s biggest clubs and fulfilling the ambitions of a fiercely proud and loyal people, who would give adulation to it’s benefactor more than any others could.

That would give real satisfaction and would be a real achievement, rather like making a city emerge from out of the sea, like in Dubai for example.
21st December 2009 05:26 PM
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It's almost Christmas - so obviously...

I remember when you did that. We all told you to send it to the club.
21st December 2009 06:03 PM
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It's almost Christmas - so obviously...

Just give me half hour with a room of potential investors.Smile
21st December 2009 10:07 PM
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It's almost Christmas - so obviously...

I bet you could sell sand to the arabs.Big Grin
21st December 2009 11:46 PM
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