Court cases

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Court cases
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Court cases

All very quiet in here of late.

I see that fan group has forced a response of sorts from the PL, in which they mistakenly confirmed that they are in a legal dispute with the club already.

I guess we all knew they were at it in the background, good to have it confirmed regardless though.

Am sure the fan group case is nothing more than an irritation to the PL, though the more pressure they are under the better.

Fuck knows if this takeover will ever happen, personally I think the silence from the likes of Staveley is very telling, she is normally quite happy to pipe up for better or worse.

The Chronical crew seem to think the Saudis are still involved too, their latest pod cast says as such. Its a decent listen actually if anyone can be arsed with it.

Perhaps next season we will be starting under new owners, with a wave of enthusiasm and a thirst for action after this yeas shambles.

I am sick as fuck right now, am sure most folks are.
18th November 2020 02:51 PM
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RE: Court cases

It’s really difficult to get motivated. I watch most of our games because there is fuck all else to do especially at the moment. Not a fantastic watch most of the time. We are definitely average at best. I have become resigned to the fact that it’s generally our opposition that are playing the better football. Even teams like Fulham are more entertaining than us!
18th November 2020 04:12 PM
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Court cases

Club have issued a statement confirming they are in arbitration with the Premier League, notwithstanding its confidential. The club commented as the Premier League leaked the fact to the fans group!

Masters and his gang really are fucking clueless!
19th November 2020 05:34 PM
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RE: Court cases

In the know bloke on other forum reckons something significant could be happening in a positive way, here's hoping.
20th November 2020 08:46 AM
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